meaning “the origin”, is a system of movements and inner work that traces its roots within ancient Persia, a culture that was concerned with the education and development of the complete human being. Kiyana was previously called “Yega”, a prefix of “Yeganegi”. In Farsi this means “unity”. In essence, the unity of body, mind, and spirit. Recently it has been called Kiyana. It is thought that some aspects of this teaching made their way further east and were eventually called Yoga. A callisthenic portion of what remains in Persia was selected and is called “Varzish Baastaani” (ancient athletic).

The Kiyana movements cause the unity and oneness of the body, mind, and spirit. It brings the state of the body to cleanliness, purity, equilibrium, power, health, and quietness in the mind of the human being. This method allows one to observe and determine the level of self-being and beyond.

In a sense, all the physical and divided attention exercises are preparation for whirling which is considered one kind of Sama’a.

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